9/5/17: Democracy, Disposability, and the Flint Water Crisis

For the next discussion we will be reading “Democracy, Disposability, and the Flint Water Crisis”, an essay from the blog Third Coast Conspiracy, which produces anti-capitalist & anti-state analysis about Michigan.

In this text they discuss the history of Flint’s de-industrialization and recent water crisis, as well as draw conclusions about anti-blackness and premature death in the contemporary world. This is the first text in a series we will be discussing about anti-blackness.

You can pick up a free copy the text at Boxcar Books for two weeks prior to its discussion, or read it online here.

We will be meeting at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street, starting at 7 PM. Read & Revolt is a discussion group seeking to analyze this society and the potential for liberation from an anarchist perspective.

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