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8/15/17: Towards an Anarchist Ecology

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

For the next discussion we will be reading “Towards an Anarchist Ecology”, which is a series of essays written by the group Knowing the Land is Resistance, who are concerned with deepening their relationships to the land and natural world. In these texts they discuss their experiences engaging in these processes, while taking on some tough questions regarding their statuses as settlers on stolen Native land, ecology in urban settings, and their attempts to deflate the assumed importance of “expertise” in ecology/naturalist circles.

The texts can all be read online here, and a PDF for printing here (heads up, it’s 25 MB).

We will be meeting at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street, starting at 7 PM. Read & Revolt is a discussion group seeking to analyze this society and the potential for liberation from an anarchist perspective.

Readings for July/August + New Fliers

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The discussions for Read & Revolt in July and August will be of the following:

7/4The Unquiet Dead: Intro & Chapter 1 – A book that posits essentialism as the core of fascism, and analyzes its rise and entry points in various time periods and contexts. The intro explains the project, while chapter 1 goes over the mythologies present in Nazi Germany.

7/18Yalensky’s Fable: A History of the Anarchist Black Cross.

8/1Two texts on Informality and Attack – “Reproducibility, propagation of attack against power and some related points”, and in response “The Reproducibility of Attack and Informal Organization”.

8/15Towards an Anarchist Ecology – A precise critique of mainstream ecology and an offering of some starting points for developing an anarchist knowing of the land.

Flier for printing:

Letter & quarter-sheet

As always the discussions are free, they will take place at Boxcar Books starting at 7PM, and all ages are welcome.